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Minneapolis Minnesota Family Lawyers Flakne LawFamily matters tend to be a delicate topic, especially when they require legal action. Having a family law attorney that you trust can greatly help reduce stress and make processes run as smoothly as possible. At Flakne Law we want to take the time to really get to know you, your family and your situation so we can tailor a legal plan specific to your needs. We have been practicing in the family law business for many years, and have helped countless families through their tough situations.

We cover a wide range of family law issues, including divorce, spousal support and alimony, division of assets and liabilities, child custody, child support and domestic abuse cases. These are all serious issues and need to be dealt with professionally. Your first order of business should be protecting yourself and your family, and doing so in a way that preserves as much as possible.

All of these issues are stressful; there’s no getting around that. Our experienced and compassionate family law lawyers want to do everything we can to make all transitions easy for you and your children. Whether you’re struggling with a stubborn partner or are working through an amicable settlement, Flakne Law is here to help in all stages of your legal separation.

Child Custody

When parents split, the issue of who is granted custody of shared children can be a difficult one. A child custody or visitation battle following a divorce is never easy, and if you’re like most parents you just want what is best for your children. Luckily, Minnesota governments feel the same, and most laws are tailored to provide for the child’s best interests. Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding who is granted custody, so it’s helpful to have a lawyer go through these factors with you so you know exactly what you might be up against in court.


If you are contemplating divorce or have been served, it’s very important that you understand all of your options and what impact they will have on you and your family. You don’t want to be unprepared or uneducated before finalizing this life-changing decision. The well-read family law and divorce lawyers at Flakne Law are here to walk you through the entire process and help you make the best decisions for your unique situation. We deal with all components of divorce, including settlements, property division, alimony and issues surrounding children, including child custody and child support.

Child Support

There are many factors involved in deciding which parent must pay child support, how much will be paid, and many other things that must be considered. Child support laws in Minnesota have been created with the child’s best interests at heart, and as a result they can be fairly complicated. Speaking with a Minnesota family law attorney who is well-versed in all the current laws is your best bet at educating yourself and preparing financially for you and your child’s futures.

Don’t leave the fate of your family’s future up to chance. Take control by speaking with a knowledgeable Minnesota family law attorney today. Call Flakne Law at (952) 888-9304 to set up your consultation and let us do what we can to preserve all of your family values.

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